Market status of medical devices in 2021


Market status of medical devices in 2021

In general, the guidance and support of national policies at all levels for domestic devices and innovative devices have enabled domestic medical devices to have two industrial logic support industries to grow rapidly: first, some high-end domestic medical devices have the qualification of import substitution; Second, the policy has accelerated the review and approval of innovative medical devices, which is expected to accelerate the listing of innovative medical devices by domestic enterprises from the approval link, and encourage domestic enterprises to invest in innovative R & D of medical devices. It can be said that the dividends of various industry policies have created a good environment for domestic enterprises to catch up. Domestic devices are gradually improving their competitiveness, and the corresponding device segmentation industry leaders usher in a good opportunity for development.

At present, China’s medical device industry has not changed the situation of numerous small and medium-sized enterprises, but under the circumstances of the rapid growth of the scale of the medical device market and the severe form of localization substitution of high-end medical equipment, a number of excellent enterprises have emerged in the industry, represented by leading enterprises such as Mindray biology, HTC hi tech and Wandong Medical, They have invested a lot of human and material resources in the R & D of high-end medical devices. While developing to create high added value, they have gradually established their position in China’s medical device industry.

China’s medical device industry is still in a period of rapid growth, with good development prospects. Combined with the industry’s policy environment, development status, demand and competition pattern, China’s medical industry is still in a period of rapid growth. Due to the low level of medical device preparation and low per capita medical device cost of grass-roots medical institutions, It makes China’s medical device industry have great growth potential. The development prospect of China’s medical device industry is good, and it will continue to develop in the direction of clustering, high technology and humanization in the future.

Post time: May-28-2021